Stylish Ideas for Wedding Suits

 Wear A Tweed Suit To Your Wedding Instead of a Tux

Does a groom have to wear a tuxedo for the wedding? Certainly not, there are some stylish ideas for wedding suits you can follow.      

Your dad or even your grandpa wore a tuxedo for his wedding, but it doesn’t mean you have to follow it. In fact, a groom wearing a suit to his wedding is a pretty stellar look and maintains the formality of the occasion while removing the stuffiness sometimes associated with a tux.

It’s a traditional look when wearing a tuxedo for a wedding. But think about how much use you’ll actually get out of your brand new tuxedo after your wedding. Then you might rent the tuxedo, it is not bad. But you’re going to spend money on something that: 1. Isn’t yours, 2. You have to give back after a single day, 3. Has been worn by someone else.

Instead of a tux rental, buying a suit for your wedding is a much better long-term investment. Not only you will look amazing on your big day; you’ll look amazing every time you wear that suit for any occasion, for business formality, or a cocktail party. In other words, you’ll get your money’s worth. A well-cut, well-made suit won’t wear out quickly, won’t get out of style, and the combination with shirts and ties for the possibilities that fit your personalities are endless.

A suit is a look you can paint to rock the world. All can be well controlled for different styles, moods,s, and atmospheres. Here, we’ve thrown some wedding suit inspiration to give you a few ideas as to how you can style your suit on your big day. The most recommended is the tweed suit. It is warm; it's soft; it's rugged yet refined. Vintage and classic, never out of fashion.  A three-piece suit looks good on anyone. Choose a patterned waistcoat to add in some variety. 

Stylish Ideas for Wedding Suits:


Blue Herringbone Tweed Suits crush with the bright yellow tie, looks stunning and fashion to rock your wedding. 


Brown Barleycorn Tweed 3 Piece suits with the red tie, to show the elegance and gentlemen's style. 


Blue Overcheck Tweed suits, is one of the most popular wedding suits.  Bowtie with the tweed to light the look. 


 Retro Grey Plaid Tweed 3 Piece suits with the blue tie, traditional and classic. Never be bad for the wedding.


Blue Herringbone Tweed Jacket with Brown Waistcoat to look stylish for the personality. 



Classic Grey Barleycorn Tweed Suits for the wedding, look great with your partner. 


The Charm and Power of the men when you are wearing the Grey Herringbone Tweed Suits. 

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