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Thank you for your interest in the BD.tailormade Affiliate program.We handle (men's and women's) tweed suits worsted.wool suit.overcoats and children's suits.Their use covers all seasons and any occasion.But the frequent is the wedding. Party. And work.They relative to normal clothing.Let a person have a more unique charm 

1.What do we need to do?

All you need to do is sign up for affiliate marketing membership at our store.

Then use social media or friends and colleagues to refer you to the links you get when you sign up for affiliate marketing membership.


2.How much commission can I get?

We confirm commission on the basis of sales.You will get a 10% commission.

You will get a commission of $6- $100 per order.Even more...

Because the lowest price of our store's product is waistcoat. It sales price $60.

Cookie: 30 days


3.Can we set up our own website to sell your suits?

Yes.If you have a distribution channel(Wedding dress shop.Own website). Or you want more money. You can talk to our customer service about how to become one of our sellers.

4.Why do we open the channel of affiliate marketing.

Except we want more sales.We also want to give some extra income to our members who support BD.Tailormade. You can give a friend or colleague a chance to buy a well-fitting, affordable tweed suit while also adding an income stream.

5.Why we want affiliate marketing. Not the seller.

Because affiliate marketing costs almost nothing.It makes it easier to have a source of income.

If it's the seller. You need to set up your own website or physical store.This will cost you a lot of money.If you decide to be the seller, of course. We are also supportive. To be a seller. You can make more money. (Tweed suits like ours are sold in the United States or European countries for $300 to $500)

6.Do you have any recommended sales channels.

If there are wedding dress shops in your city. Wedding officiant. Even tailor's shop. You can talk to them about working together.Because our selling price is much cheaper than that of your local tailor shop.


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