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How to choose the standard size suits?


  • You should choose same size as your measurement, and we will add 2 inches only for the finished jacket & waistcoat to make it comfortable. For example, you should ORDER 38 for the jacket and waistcoat if your chest measurement is 38 inch, then the finished jacket & waistcoat is 40inch in chest. 
  • If your belly measurement is dramatically smaller than your chest OR bigger than you chest, then we  recommend opting for our custom measurements service for the perfect fit.
  • Please ensure that all measurements taken are body tight and that you do not include extra room for "extra fit", it will skew the numbers and our recommendation.
  • We are always on hand to help via email at  if you're unsure about what size to order.

Standard size is super easy. We just need a few measurements (Height, Weight, Chest, Belly, Waist, Hip) from you. Help you find perfect fit.

standard size measurement


Size Chart: 

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