Every year there are several special occasions that require men to wear a suit, such as a wedding, a horse race, or any other formal event. It is important to look sharp and even more at the impressions you make. It may set you apart from the crowd on whatever occasion. It will be good to go with a tailored suit in all possibilities, as how important of a suit fit, not less than the style.
There are some basic fashion rules that many men even don’t know, which results that them choosing the wrong apparel choice, such as a badly fitting suit. As far as we know, most men usually wear oversize clothes, not knowing the necessity of a good fitting or compromising the fit for style. It is true as the effect of a tailored suit on the overall appearance is usually underestimated, compared to the non-tailored suit.



It is vital to succeeding with all efforts, by standing out from the crowd in any situation. That is why you never see a man who is running successfully but looks like he is wearing a suit of a much smaller size and hasn’t been pressed in a decade. The saying “ clothes make the man” is exactly what it means. In other words, it is never more effective than a tailored suit to make the man wearing look like he was born to be. There are 3 reasons below that what you need to own a tailored suit.

tailor made suit by BD Tailormade


Non-tailored suits are most mass-produced in the factories. Almost all work is done by the machines in the standard line. What they seek is quantity instead of quality, which leads to several issues for the final products. Details processing is coarse without the professional designers and interior fabrics used for saving cost. On the contrary, tailored suits are handmade by professional tailors, with the flexibility to make the suit fit well and custom measurements for each shape. And high-quality fabrics, like wool, cotton, and silk are used to make the suits more comfortable, durable, and breathable. You can look at the styles and touch the fabric to feel the difference between the tailored suit and the one that is bought off the rack.

 green overcheck plaid tweed suits by BD Tailormade


With the help of professional tailors, the tailored suits are made to fit you better than the non-tailored ones. Obviously, it looks much better on you with the seamless fit, and no need to worry about the suit being too baggy or too tight when purchasing from experienced tailors. Even more, custom measurements for your own fitting and the extra customization like lining, peak lapels, double-breasted, etc for your own design. If some issues arise with your suit, just bring it to a professional for an inexpensive fix, as such issues usually require tiny adjustments. Non-tailored suits are made for everyone, not for you. It is lucky if you purchase one and it fits well.


You may consider less cost to spend on non-tailored suits and that is the main point many men tend to. However, it is not true actually. A non-tailored suit made with the mechanical line and interior quality fabric has a shorter lifespan than tailor-made ones. That is to say, it is smart buying a tailored suit, to dress you up and make you comfortable when wearing it, moreover, you can keep the suit for the years.


 General FAQ

What is a tailored suit?

A tailored suit (or tailor-made suit) is any suit that has been altered to fit a customer. Tailored suits can be off the rack, made to measure, or bespoke.

Why should be a tailored suit?

A suit fits is nearly as important as the style of the suit itself. Men look good in suits because they are tailored to fit them well. Instead, the non-tailored ones are mostly oversized to look baggy.

How much is a men's tailored suit?

Here all suits (from BD Tailormade) are handmade to order, by professional tailors with over 30 years' experience. We offer an unbeatable low price of $179 for 3piece. Usually, the price of a custom suit can range from $800 to about $1,800, while bespoke suits start at $2,800 and go up to $4,800.

How long does it take for a tailored suit?

From BD Tailormade, all suits are handmade to order, normally it needs 5-10 days to make, and about 4 days delivery to the UK by DHL.

Can a suit be tailored to a slim fit?

slim-fitting suit that fits the contours of the body more closely has a clean, tailored look. It can ask someone else (preferably a tailor) to measure your neck, shoulder, sleeve, bicep, wrist, chest, belly, waist, hip, and thigh.

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