Where To Buy A Suit?

Where To Buy A Suit?

tweed suits for men

The suit is a must-have, as every man needs a good suit in his life. Wearing a suit to work, an interview or a wedding is always classic and will impress. You know the psychologist tells the first impression we make on someone within 2 seconds of a meeting, it indicates the way we will continue to interact. It is vital that we choose the right suit.  

Even if you don’t need one for work, a good suit can be a body armor that men can control the world. It helps to build confidence that we can make it better on everything. You never know or even can’t believe how great and dapper you can look in a good suit, and it is never worse than a super start on the TV. Naturally, it will make you stand out from the crowd and gain a lot of compliments on the party or event. So how can you find a false suit? Follow the below guides for the best results.

 1. A suit that fits you well.

How a suit fit is nearly as important as the style of a suit itself. There is nothing worse than seeing a man in a loose suit with an oversize fit or too tight. Not suitable for your body even will minus your appearance. The simplest way to make sure a good fit is to get a tailor-made suit. It will be a perfect fit if you get them made to measurements. Here at BD Tailormade, all suits are custom handmade to order by experienced tailors. The bespoke technology of the size guide will tell you which size to order based on a few very simple measurements which are easy to make at home.

A good jacket fit

It should be comfortable across the chest, back and shoulders when you buttoned the jacket. If there are stretch lines across the front, the suit is too tight. And the length would be perfect just over your bottom when you sit. The sleeve should be down to the knuckle of your thumb, with no more than an inch of your shirt showing.  

A good Trouser fit

The length should be down to the floor along the outside of your leg when you stand straight, not cover more than half of your shoes and when you sit they should not pull up at the front.

2. Comfortable Fabric

High-quality fabric can make you comfortable when you wear suits, it is also the first important factor we will consider for any clothing. A good suit should be breathable. A 70% woolen and 30%P suit are best as it is warm in the winter and cool in summer. It is also not a bad choice for the natural blend with high silk and wool. Worsted wool or linen will serve you well during spring or summer. The tweed fabric protects you from the rain, but won’t leave you looking like a sweaty mess on the dance floor. A high-quality tweed can stay warm while looking cool in autumn and winter, BD Tailormade tweed suits are a great choice of highly worthy to have, the vintage and classic style that no one dislikes. Not only for the wearing experience but the fabric quality can also be seen and will upgrade the suit look.

3. Good cut

The good cut should accentuate the contours of the body to make you in stylish and dapper look. Mostly it is a slim fit to hop the shape but the experienced tailor knows how to add the appropriate space to keep it comfortable instead of too tight on the body. When the fit isn’t overly snug, that also provides you with some airflow and ventilation.

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